Lorelei Naomi Kennicot
Age: 19
Occupation: Student
Status: Single
Played-By: Claire Holt
Misc: People say money doesn't buy happiness, obviously they haven't tried hard enough.

Local (sort of) - The Kennicot family isn't one of the founding families in Calaveras, they are recent transfers. Lorelei's parents met years ago when they both stopped off to ski at the quaint resort in the mountains. A whirlwind courtship followed, and they were married in Washington State where they lived for years, her father working out of Seattle. When her father wanted to slow down, they moved and settled back in Colorado, in the town down off of the mountain where they met. That was six years ago. When Lorelei's parents were declared dead, the large house in Birchwood sat empty as she finished her education at the boarding school in France. Accepted to several colleges, Lorelei decided to come back to Calaveras, reopen the house, and go to school here. She might have only seen or met most of the people living there when she would come home for holidays and vacations, but it's better than starting from scratch.

Ice Queen - Brought up by loving nannies and governesses, Lorelei didn't really start socializing until she was sent off to school. She knows how to relate to other rich girls who's parents don't have time for them, but normal families aren't something she's used to. She is slow to warm up to people when she meets them, quiet and withdrawn, but once she is comfortable she can be quite gregarious and open.

Orphan - The Kennicot's plane went down four years ago during an overseas business trip. They've been declared dead, but their bodies and plane was never recovered.


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