Laura Martinez
Age: 26
Occupation: Police Officer
Status: So busy!
Played-By: America Ferrera
Misc: Misc

Laura Martinez is a local, born and raised in Calaveras. She's from Willow Heights and lives in the same home where her parents used to live. Both her parents have passed away, her father only recently. She has a little brother, off to college on a scholarship. She didn't quite raise him on her own, but she did work a lot of jobs growing up and into her early twenties to help support her family and put herself through community college.

Laura is a patrol officer, on the force going on two years. She is friendly and dedicated, very much into community policing, and if there's any kind of outreach or public relations thing, she'll be there. Rumor on the mean streets is she might be bribed with muffins, brownies, cookies, baked goods in general, but that only goes so far.

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(2018-11-16) Cake and Chicken to the Community

Laura happens upon the usual suspects hanging out on a corner in Willow Heights. Hunter helps deliver chicken and cake to the community.

(2018-11-01) The Briefing

Olivia offers the CPD, and other responders, some theories on cult murders in the area.

(2018-10-04) The Sheriff Was Shot

A re-enactment at Cooperstown Living History Town went awry, the Sheriff was nearly fatally wounded
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