Kyrie Grace Morgan
Age: 24
Occupation: Radio DJ (KROQ)
Status: Free Spirit
Played-By: Ashley Benson
Misc: Fun fact: Her name is pronounced KEE-ree-eh.

Kyrie Morgan is a rock DJ on local radio station KROQ. The granddaughter of longtime Calaveras resident Doc Morgan, Kyrie had a brief career in a glam-punk band in Los Angeles that imploded amidst numerous scandals. Returning to Calaveras, she took a job as a DJ on KROQ and has become a fixture in the community. Marketed heavily by the station in an effort to appeal to younger listeners, Kyrie can often be found at local events or representing the station to businesses around the city.

The local gossips whisper that there are some juicier details to Kyrie being in Calaveras, but that certainly isn't covered in the KROQ brochures.




(2018-11-23) Karaoke Night

The Boardroom hosts its first ever karaoke night!

(2018-11-20) To be Young, and Restless

Some of the youngsters hit the skating rink for some fun.

(2018-10-09) Business Meetings at Night Clubs

Kyrie is out like a normal person and Isaac is doing something.

(2018-10-08) It's 2018, Boys and Girls can be Friends!

An evening gathering at the Coffee Shop turns into some craziness.

(2018-09-22) Bar RP - darts and gender issues

Random bar RP including a dart game. Sadly, I lost the +rolls. :(

(2018-09-11) Crowded Tables

Julian, Cassius, Katherine and Kyrie eat at Wok This Way

(2018-09-09) Just a shoot out, things are fine here.

Ordinary errands are interrupted when someone decides to go on a shooting spree down the strip.

(2018-09-05) Where Everybody Knows Your Name

And they're always glad you came!
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