Kristine Chippendale
Age: 28
Occupation: Forest Ranger
Status: Active
Played-By: Emilia Clarke
Misc: Townie Tomboy

Kristine grew up in Calaveras all her life, living on the outskirts of town at the foot of the San Juan mountains with her father. An alumnus of both the local high school and UCC, Kris went off to join the Navy. After she was done there, she came home, taking a position as a park ranger.




(2018-11-06) Ranger Danger

Local forest rangers come under attack by the cult.

(2018-11-01) The Briefing

Olivia offers the CPD, and other responders, some theories on cult murders in the area.

(2018-10-28) PEW PEW!! Laser Tag!

The gang gathers for the casual Girls -V- Boys laser tag!

(2018-10-21) A Friendly Spar

Kris and Natalya spar at Peak Physique.

(2018-10-09) It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Halloween

The Town Square has been decorated for Halloween and several business owners are out and about, attempting to lure people into business and discussion.
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