Kelly Jean McKenna
Age: 33
Occupation: Sketchy Lawyer
Status: Predatory
Played-By: Yvonne Strahovski
Misc: Likes: Money, Currency, Wealth, Cash, Funds, Capital, Lucre, Federal Reserve Notes
Dislikes: Being Broke, Impartial Judges, Uncorruptible People, Ethics, Pro Bono

Kelly Jean McKenna, born Reese Milena Yelytsvenya, grew up in Brooklyn, which is where she picked up that rather odd accent of hers. Her father was a first-generation immigrant from Ukraine who married a New York native. Mom is a stay-at-home wife while Daddy Dearest is a lawyer for the Cosa Nostra, and occasionally various other extremely rich scumbags.

Reese always wanted to follow in her father's footsteps, argue big cases like she saw on TV, keep The Man from stopping 'legitimate businessmen' from doing 'legitimate business'. But she grew up around the kids of Mafiosos, and it wasn't long before she had a bit of a record. Nothing too serious, a little B&E here, petty theft or vandalism there. Her father was a very good attorney and they had money, which kept her out of juvie for anything longer than an overnight.

At least until her father went to prison for money laundering.

With most of their assets seized, Reese and her mother were forced to sell the condo and move to Jersey, where they scraped by. Reese, a bright enough kid, managed to get into college, and then later law school, on a scholarship. Still, she never lost her old contacts, and once she graduated, she inherited the 'family business'. She defended low-lifes who totally deserved to go to jail, sued anyone for anything she thought she could win, assisted in defrauding insurance claims and just about everything else, and laudered money for anyone who could write a check big enough to make it worth the risk.

It only took a couple of years for the Feds to come sniffing around, but unlike her father, Reese knew well enough to quite while she was ahead and shut her small practice down and got the hell away from New York.

Three years and one new identity ago she resettled in Calaveras, a place she figures is so far off the fuzz's radar she can get back to her 'legitimate law practice'. Now she's back in business, chasing ambulances, defrauding insurance companies, and laundering money for scumbags.

It pays the bills and beats the Hell out of being poor. She got a taste of that once, has no desire to go back to it ever again.



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