Age: 28
Occupation: Bartender at Alibi
Status: Not Hospitalized
Played-By: Vanessa Moe
Misc: "I don't have a short temper. I just have a quick reaction to bullshit." - Anonymous

Alts: Esme, Misfit, Ginger

Katya is a recent arrival in Calaveras. She has an odd sort of accent. Sometimes it seems Southern, other times it seems to have a hint of Russian. When asked where she's from - she'll either say New York or Texas. When she isn't working at the Alibi, she's often found at rodeos, dives, or tending to her small garden in Ash. Her clothing attire consists of jeans, flannels, and tank tops but the strangest thing about Katya is her eyes. They never seem to be the same color twice in a row. Why? You'll have to ask her to find out!


(2018-12-01) Rodeo (Charity) Drive

The Starr Family and Jackfield Stadium host a charity concert and rodeo exhibition in aid of the local soup kitchen and homeless shelters. Calvin Shay performs with a surprise guest; bulls, broncos, and sheep get ridden; and Anthony makes quite an impression.

(2018-11-28) The First Date

Warren and Katya go on their first date. Warren gets to see Katya's true eye color.

(2018-11-27) Full House

When your doors are open to the public, you shouldn't be surprised when the public comes in.

(2018-11-26) Dress Shopping

Katya drags Xavier to the mall to help her shop for a new dress

(2018-11-25) Old Friends Meet New Ones

An old friend strolls into Maude's just in time to meet some of Katya's new ones.

(2018-11-24) A Night at Alibi

It's Saturday night! All kinds of things can happen.

(2018-11-22) Milkshakes at Maude's

Maude's milkshakes are delicious. Especially the banana ones.

(2018-11-21) Scene at Maude's

Random folks meet at Maude's before Thanksgiving.

(2018-11-21) Diamonds and Denim

Katya runs into Xavier doing some gift shopping at the mall and attempts once more to turn him on to flannel

(2018-11-18) A Night At Maude's

Various souls meet at Maude's
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