Katherine Leigh Stone
Age: 28 (Jan 14)
Occupation: Television Personality and B&B Owner
Status: In a relationship
Played-By: Emmy Rossum
Misc: Sticking my foot in my mouth since 1991.

Katherine Stone is a lifetime resident of Calaveras (class of 2009) who lives up in Oak Ridge. She is the owner of Stone Bed and Breakfast and works in television starring on Wake Up, Calaveras and Naked Voices. She has two sisters, a cat, a pygmy goat (in pajamas), two chickens and not a lot of time to herself.

She is known around town for taking in strays at her Bed and Breakfast, and will serve meals to anyone who might show up in her kitchen, especially if they are from the Calaveras Police Department. Since she recently started working more in television, most day to day management at the Bed and Breakfast is handled by her personal assistant, Charlotte Allen.

Her usual haunts are places where she can get caffeine, cupcakes or trouble. She's still looking for a place she can get all three at the same time.


Local Girl - Born and raised in Calaveras, Kate has only recently managed get away and see the sights outside of the small town. There are days when travel is all that she thinks about, and others, where she wouldn't trade her friends, family and town for anywhere else in the world. She is a well known Bed and Breakfast owner, who spends her mornings on a television show called Wake Up, Calaveras. She has a very soft spot for local folk, and is far too busy for her own good, though she'll often pretend that is not the case.

Business Minded - After her parents were killed in an automobile accident, Kate had to make ends meet for her two younger sisters. So for the past two years Kate has run a Bed and Breakfast out of her home. Most of her business comes from word of mouth from other townsfolk, because she has very little experience in advertising. She occasionally caters for small parties, helping out other businesses by recommending them to her customers. She should charge more for the rooms she lets out, and the food she serves, but she doesn't and probably never will.

Sister Troubles - Her sister Sarah came home from Penn State over the Thanksgiving holiday, announcing her intention to stay. It's recently come to light that she is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, and she and Kate have been slowly connecting again. The youngest of the three, Lynn, is pregnant (it's a boy) and refusing to give up the child. Lynn and Sarah have started going to birthing classes while Kate has done her absolute best to pretend the whole thing isn't happening. It isn't working out very well.

Producing New Things - Kate is now in the process of developing Naked Voices and has started to gather people to appear or help with the production of the show. Screen tests have been done, paperwork has been dispersed, and filming has started.

Claire - I met Claire when she arrived in Calaveras. She stayed in the B&B for a short while. She's a sunshine happy person who seems to see the best in most things and people.

Nina - Nina is a very interesting enigma. I still don't know much about her, but I'm slowly getting to know her better. I've seen a lot of changes in Julian since they started dating, but they're all good changes, and I'm happy for both of them. The advice that she has given me thus far is appreciated very much.

Nolan - My new co-host for Wake Up, Calaveras. He seems really gregarious and polite, and I am looking forward to working with him. I wasn't completely sure why someone of his caliber wants to be part of a little, local morning show, but I'm sure he has his reasons.

Sully - The ME currently staying at the B&B. She and I get along pretty well, mostly because she loves foods that help her load up. Apparently those are the kinds of foods that I cook? She offered to get in touch with some people so I could learn more about cooking. Holy shit, she got me time with a Chef in Paris.

Warren - A nice guy who wants to do some good in the world. Haven't talked to him lately, but I'm sure he's well.

Layla - I don't think it's just the language issue that confuses me, but you can't understand everyone in this world.


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