Katherine Leigh Stone
Age: 28 (Jan 14)
Occupation: Television Personality and B&B Owner
Status: Single
Played-By: Emmy Rossum
Misc: Current Mood: Mischievous

Local Girl - If you've lived in Calaveras for any length of time you would have heard of some of the local families that have resided here for a few generations. One of those families is the Stone family. Gossip usually painted the mother, Leigh, as a slightly overwhelmed mother of seven children. Two years ago an unfortunate accident took away Kate's parents and most of her siblings, leaving her and the two youngest on their own. Since then, Kate has managed to turn her family home into a Bed and Breakfast, business doing better than she had any reason to expect.

Television Personality - Heather returned to town a few months ago, and after a few meetings she offered Katherine a job on a show called Wake Up, Calaveras. At first, Katherine thought that Heather was kidding, but she has since settled into the work, enjoying everything about the morning show (except for the 4am wake up time). She has since expanded and has began to produce a second show called Naked Voices that airs later in the evening. Filming has started and the edited version of the show will be airing soon, tune in to KCC1.

The Kitchen is Open - The kitchen at the Bed and Breakfast is typically full of various types of people at all hours of the day and night. Kate gathers people, no matter where they're from, and feeds them or tries to care for them. It's well known throughout town that all are welcome at Stone Bed and Breakfast, and most people don't even bother to knock when they enter now, coming in when it suits them for coffee, food or company.

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