Juniper 'Juni' Landis
Age: 24
Occupation: Aesthetician / Massage Therapist at Paradise Spa
Status: Content~
Played-By: Scarlett Leithold
Misc: "I am me, who are you?"

Juniper and her brother Sage came to Calaveras from Oregon back in September of 2017. They settled easily and quickly enough, especially with Sage slated to start classes at UCC and Juniper easily being able to net a job at a local spa. The two happily rent an apartment at the Biscuit Lofts, 4th floor.






NOTE: You'll notice that most of these are black and white. This is deliberate due to Juniper's IC condition with her hair, and her tendency to change the color often. Some have been left colorized due to the PB's hair appearing lighter in the sun (ie. closer to Juni's natural IC color.) … thanks!

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