Julian Sky Walker
Age: 28 (April 15th)
Occupation: Calaveras' Warden
Status: Dating - Nina Zhuo
Played-By: Scott Eastwood
Misc: "Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is looking."

Like many Calaveras locals, Julian Sky Walker (his parents were huge Star Wars fans, much to his chagrin growing up) is the product of several generations of ranchers. The Walkers ran into hard times after the head of the household passed away from heart disease, ultimately leading to the family selling off the land and Julian himself graduating from high school early and joining the Marine Corps where he served as a special weapons NCO for 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion during Operation Iraqi and Enduring Freedom.

Following the decline of the war, word got back to him that his mother passed away. Julian has since returned home to settle the family's outstanding debts. Over the last year and a half, he's picked up the recently opened Warden of Calaveras position. His responsibilities include enforcing the Wildlife, Fish & Game regulations, though it expands to a much more eclectic range of duties that involve first response and oversight over the San Juan region.

A decorated veteran, Julian struggles to find his own way in the transition back to civilian life. He's likable and soft spoken, recognized by most hunters and fishermen, and seeks to live out a quiet life in his small cabin up on the south face of the San Juan mountains.




(2019-01-19) The Raid

Law Enforcement finally raid the Guardians of Light

(2019-01-18) Tell me about Yourself

Over dinner, Nina reveals a bit more about herself to Julian.

(2019-01-03) Recovering

Julian gets better after the cultist attack.

(2019-01-03) Meeting Nolan

Busy night in the B&B kitchen, much conversation.

(2018-12-14) My Bloody Holiday

Julian's holiday season takes a turn for the worse.

(2018-12-07) Feeling Human Again

Julian brings Nina to his cabin, and reveals more of his past.

(2018-12-04) Doubling Up

Christmas is discussed as everyone has some nice, warm coffee.

(2018-12-01) Marines Catchup

Julian and Franklin catch up during their monthly cribbage game.

(2018-11-30) Reaching Out

Discussions on corporate intrigue and death games.

(2018-11-27) Sisterly Trouble

Sarah isn't acting like herself, but at least she's home?
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