Jolene Greyson/Jo, Grey
Age: 27
Occupation: Owner/Head Mechanic
Status: Single
Played-By: Grace Holley
Misc: Misc

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(2018-11-10) Making Scents

Lucky runs Perfume 101 for all and sundry.

(2018-11-05) A Lioness In Winter.... er.. Fall

As Alex has difficulty as he makes his way into Calaveras. He comes across an angel in the form of Jo.

(2018-10-21) No Pressure!

This ain't your typical stint of grocery shopping.

(2018-10-18) Halloween Block Party!

The annual Saminaw Row block party gets interrupted by hooligans. ANARCHY!!!!!

(2018-10-16) Coffee, Tea, Bad Feelings

People come together at Java Junction to chat, argue and just drink some gosh darn coffee.

(2018-10-08) Sale of Firearms

Isaac sells Jo a gun!

(2018-10-05) ... Buzz Buzz

It's all fun and games at a coffee joint until someone feels entitled!

(2018-09-27) Oktoberfest Opening Night

Pickpockets and darts and beers and polka dancing.

(2018-09-26) A Little Chaos

They just wanted a six pack, but things went a bit sideways.

(2018-09-23) Real Boys vs Not Real Cowboys

Everyone is totally lying they're DEFINITELY going to baby talk their pets.
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