Jessica Combs
Age: 24
Occupation: Reporter for The New Era
Status: Single
Played-By: Lyndsy Fonseca
Misc: Not a local girl, but gaining fame as the latest newspaper reporter.

Despite not being a local, Jessica Combs' name is gradually gaining fame in Calaveras, due to her position as news reporter for the New Era. She has written a number of reports and articles about local matters after she signed on, and has seen her name published with more frequency. Like any good reporter, she makes it a habit to poke her nose into things and she is not shy about interviewing people about any sort of story.

After all, Freedom of the Press, and all that.




(2018-09-16) Ridealong

Jessica rides along with Julian to record the storm's devastation, but the pair runs into people in need of rescue.

(2018-09-15) Weathering the Storm

The B&B turns out to be very busy when the storm hit.

(2018-09-13) Last Minute Hoarding

Jessica and Julian are both doing some last minute hoarding at the groceries store; the promised repayment of a life debt is brought up.

(2018-09-11) Prepping for the Storm

Katherine and Jessica make plans to hide from the approaching storm front.

(2018-09-09) One False Step

Ranger Julian comes to the rescue when Jessica's hiking trip goes awry.

(2018-09-07) Jess' Day at the Cafe

Jessica goes to Java Junction to work, and ends up getting very little done.
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