Jemma Diamante Stone
Age: 22 (Sep 2)
Occupation: Socialite
Status: Rich
Played-By: Katarina Pudar
Misc: 'Wal-Mart…do they, like, make walls there?" - Paris Hilton

Jemma is one of the daughters of Victor Stone. Definitely the best one – just ask her. She has taken to a life of wealth and privilege like a duck to water. Entitlement, superiority, and a desire to flaunt her fortune, are what she has learned growing up. She attended the best schools, wherever they happened to have been, and was always in the important clique.

Though Jemma is a socialite by choice, she has learned a little of the family business. She is more than happy to spruik the latest resort and has even dabbled a little in marketing after attending college. Jemma is also a surprisingly athletic girl – school sports were much more exciting that sitting in class; and the outfits showed her off much better. The only thing that ruined the flow of her awesome life was the death of her mother.

Two things resulted. One, a desire to enjoy life as much as she could before it ended. Two, a belief that she had to step up to replace her mother in the family hierarchy. Her sisters now as much her ‘children’ as siblings. After a post-graduation world tour, Jemma has arrived in Calaveras to help her father out with the resort. And ski. Lots of skiing.







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