Jameson Matthew Greene
Age: 25
Occupation: Police Officer - Deputy
Status: Alive
Played-By: Sebastian Stan
Misc: Originally from Philadelphia, PA

Jameson "Jay" Greene was born and raised in Philly, which is where he originally joined the police force. Not much is known about his history aside from the fact that the Chief of Police specifically requested his transfer to Calaveras.



(2018-11-17) The Rescue

The cult seek to rescue Joshua from the hospital.

(2018-11-08) Elderly Offroaders

Each suffering from work-related sleep deprivation, a nurse and a cop have breakfast.

(2018-11-01) The Briefing

Olivia offers the CPD, and other responders, some theories on cult murders in the area.

(2018-10-25) Vagina Sausages

Shoplifting at the Food4Less takes a turn.

(2018-10-22) Don't Get a Tattoo on Your Face

Jameson and Elizabeth head out to talk to the neighbors about the Jiminez murders


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