Isaac Abernathy
Age: 34
Occupation: Business Owner
Status: Alive
Played-By: Joel Kinnaman
Misc: Misc

Isaac is just your local friendly gun shop owner. Okay, well, he's not that friendly.

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(2018-11-01) Team-Building Pedicures

Andre is concerned that his two besties aren't getting along.

(2018-10-25) Dig Up Your Mama

Isaac and Andre get a drink and discuss business.

(2018-10-16) Guns. Lots of Guns.

Solo goes to Double Action. Meets Isaac. Buys over a thousand dollars worth of stuff. (Which is shockingly little when you're talking guns.)

(2018-10-10) Bloodbath at Emerson Pharmacy

A robbery gone wrong. (ooc note: we were playing with the +combat code, sorry NPCs)

(2018-10-09) Business Meetings at Night Clubs

Kyrie is out like a normal person and Isaac is doing something.

(2018-10-08) Sale of Firearms

Isaac sells Jo a gun!
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