Ianthe Samantha Abernathy
Age: 22
Occupation: Student…?
Status: Might Steal Your Kidney
Played-By: Claire Selby
Misc: Zombie - The Pretty Reckless

Ianthe is a newcomer. She's from New York, having just graduated in the summer with her B.S. in "computer science and information technology". A lame, way too generic degree for anyone to want to hire her for anything. She's here, apparently, to crash with her older brother.

Ianthe's got attitude to spare. One glance at this five-foot-nine blonde with hair of beaten gold and you can just tell you're in for a bad time. Maybe it's the way her lip curls ever so slightly in a sneer. Or perhaps it's the slightly calculating gleam in those blue eyes. Or maybe it's the posture of her body; shoulders up, arms loose, hips cocked slightly to the side but all of it with just enough tension running through her frame to shout 'aggression'. She just looks like the person who would walk through you if you don't move out of her way. Even her clothing suggests maybe you should reconsider approaching: dark skinny jeans, a loose tank with too large sleeves so you get a glimpse of her bra with some sarcastic slogan across the front or just an eloquent 'fuck you', a black beanie that hangs half off. Tears in the knees of her jeans that look ALMOST like they might be real rather than artificial.

This one? She's a porcupine given human form, with the temperament of a snapping turtle.

  • From New York
  • Totally just a college student
  • Not secretly a hacker
  • Definitely not on the run from the Russian mafia
  • Ornery as all fuck
  • Saved a man from a speeding car
  • Secretly has a heart of gold
  • Some of these are lies
  • Once shot a man for looking at her funny
  • Has a collection of old boyfriend's small toes
  • Love kittens and all things fluffy
  • Drinks her coffee black and bitter, like her heart


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