Creed (Henry)
Creed Buchanan aka Henry Parrish
Age: 58
Occupation: Retired
Status: Weary & Wary
Played-By: Ed Harris
Misc: Misc

Henry Parrish was born Creed Buchanan, and for much of his life was an accomplished entomologist and field researcher. In the 90's, he worked mostly for the U.S. government, and in the 2000's, shifted gears to work for a biotech firm, hoping to develop pharmaceuticals using his research. If anyone inquires, Henry assures them that he previously worked as a bus driver on the East Coast, and leaves it at that.

His false identity, and past, are a precaution. Creed is in the witness protection program. His son is none other than Charles Buchanan, the architect of a death cult responsible for a rash of car bombings and abductions in early 2017, and while the cult itself is believed to have disbanded, Charles is yet to be apprehended. Will Creed be able to escape his demons in Calaveras? Will he create new ones?

Henry Parrish spends most of his time reading, working out, and tending to his terrariums and ant farms. He's paranoid about strangers, suffers from anxiety and PTSD, stemming from the traumatic murder of his wife, and so tends to keep to himself. Nevertheless, he always tries to help someone in need of a hand, and he's got a certain odd charm about him, despite the depression and sometimes clinical demeanor.

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