Heather McCormack
Age: 27 (Mar 22)
Occupation: Local Television Station Owner (KCC1-TV)
Status: She's moved in! Now we'll probably never see each other.
Played-By: Rachel McAdams
Misc: People are sheep. T.V. is the shepherd.

Heather was born and bred in Calaveras to middle class parents who worked for the local government, though they had ambitions to work in bigger cities. Ambitions that were never met due to the growing brood they were raising. Heather’s parents are still married, barely, so her upbringing was fairly stable. She went to local schools, her marks above average though never the top of the class. Her interest was in telling stories, which, since she was a natural gossip, was quite fortuitous. As the years passed, it evolved into a desire to be a journalist or reporter, preferably in print. At school, Heather developed both friends and enemies, and even some frenemies; her feud with Katherine Stone was legendary in the halls of high school (For the record, Katherine started it).

Heather went to college in Denver, where she discovered electronic media and decided to work in television. Inquisitive, a good researcher/investigator, and willing to put in the hours, led her to an internship at KCDO-TV, an independent station. She quickly rose through the ranks, starting with on-air puff pieces about ‘Cutest Dog’ shows, but soon becoming a respected, albeit local, roving reporter. She was all set to move to KRDO-TV (an ABC affiliate) when her life changed.

Heather was investigating a piece on corrupt police when she was called out to attend a crime in progress. One of the cops she was investigating was there, hitting her in the confusion of a shoot-out, and she ended up in hospital. The incident blew the case open. By the time the inquest was over, a number of cops were in jail (and threatening her life), and she had received a substantial payout. Enough that she could go home to Calaveras and buy the local television station there. It is a small start, but it is a start. With most of her money sunk into this project, she is doing her best to make it work. Taking on the roles of reporter, editor, and station owner, in an attempt to make KCC1-TV the best, and most honest, station in Colorado.







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