Officer Franklin Payne
Age: 38
Occupation: Police Officer - Patrol
Status: Single (Also single parent)
Played-By: Dwayne Johnson
Misc: Former Marine
Been a Calaveras PD Beat Cop for ten years; known around town.

Franklin Payne is a Calaveras native, but he hasn't lived here all his life. Having served a couple of terms with the U.S. Marines, he returned home in 2008 and joined the Calaveras PD in his father's footsteps. He is now a sergeant as a patrol officer, and is known around town to many.

He still has family in town, including his mother and three sisters, two of whom are married and have their own families. Franklin lives with his little girl Luci, whom he is raising on his own.



(2019-01-19) The Raid

Law Enforcement finally raid the Guardians of Light

(2018-12-14) My Bloody Holiday

Julian's holiday season takes a turn for the worse.

(2018-12-03) Godzilla! Run!

Franklin arrives for a brief interlude during dinner.

(2018-12-01) Marines Catchup

Julian and Franklin catch up during their monthly cribbage game.

(2018-11-26) Mom's Apple Pie

Franklin stops by with pie and meets Anthony and Vyv.

(2018-11-15) Luci's Fever

Franklin brings Luci to the new doctor in town.

(2018-11-01) The Briefing

Olivia offers the CPD, and other responders, some theories on cult murders in the area.

(2018-09-13) Calm Before Storm

Friends Katherine and Joseph catch each other at the Junction, talk about the storm and strangers, Franklin arrives on the scene with insightful insight(?)

(2018-09-12) Seeing Red pt. 1

Franklin and Ashlea investigate a loose end related to the shooting.

(2018-09-10) Checking in on Everett

Officer Payne checks in on Ben and Everett Franklin.
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