Finn Thomas Tucker
Age: 19
Occupation: Student at UCC
Status: Dating Presley
Played-By: Chace Crawford
Misc: Wide Receiver for UCC Roughnecks

Finn Tucker Thomas was born and raised in Cedar City, Utah. The middle child of a large family, Finn has seven brothers and sisters ranging from eight to twenty-eight. Somehow, Finn never suffered from middle child syndrome, likely because he's always been weirdly and unusally lucky. He's the kind of kid that finds $20 in the pocket of a jacket and another in the back pocket of his jeans and somehow manages to get a free dinner at the end of the day.

He was raised in the Mormon Church, but had a 'come away from Jesus' moment just before he was due on his mission. It's caused a bit of family drama, which makes it all the better that he decided to accept a full-ride scholarship to UCC Calaveras for their football program to play wide receiver. He's in his sophmore year, studying for sports therapy, although there's an awful large part of him that'd like to be a writer instead (he still suffers from a bit of the wide-eyed idealism of his youth, after all). He's exceptionally good at football, having played since he was a little boy, and there are rumours that the league is keeping a close eye on him.

While Finn will probably be a great sports therapist? He doesn't exactly excel at his studies, particularly in the sciences department. The truth is, he's not overly bright and has the tendency to say really dumb things sometimes. So it's a good thing he's pretty.




(2018-12-13) Ugly Sweaters

Christmas Shopping for Ugly Sweaters. YUCK.

(2018-12-04) Untitled Michael Roberts Project

Claire pursues her agenda with Presley. Finn is distractingly pretty.
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