Felix Takeo Logan
Age: 27
Occupation: Taxi Driver/Stuntman
Status: Alive & Single
Played-By: Ryan Higa
Misc: Into Genealogy

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(2019-01-08) Chicken Noodle Soup

Lunch is served.

(2018-12-28) Taxi Driver

Felix is looking suspicious around the resort so Jemma investigates.

(2018-12-27) Complicated

That's just what it is.

(2018-12-23) Christmas Cupcakes

Felix gives Kate a lift home, takes a room at the B&B and meets August and Sevin

(2018-12-23) Christmas at the Square

The townfolk (and visitors) gather to celebrate the holidays.

(2018-12-22) Not from around here

During a cab drive two out of towners get to know one another.
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