Faith Varya Asherion
Age: 25
Occupation: Baker - Owner of Totally Baked
Status: Well-Fed
Played-By: Jane Levy
Misc: Uh..hi?
  • Baker - Do ya like sugar? Do ya like…cupcakes? How about cakes or cookies? Faith makes them all, and she puts her heart and soul into them. Stop by Totally Baked to place an order. Yes, she does wedding cakes.
  • The Quiet Ones - They say the quiet ones are the best listeners. Faith is one of the quiet ones, unless you get her talking about baking.
  • Born and Raised - She's a local girl, so if you ran around Cedar Pines with her before she went off to culinary school, hit her up for a mini reunion. (unless you bullied her, in that case..stay far away please!)



(2018-12-30) Dining with the Queen

Uma and Eve head out for dinner and find Faith
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