Samantha Eve Campbell
Age: 18
Occupation: University Student/Troublemaker
Status: Troubling
Played-By: Amanda Steele
Misc: Youngest of the Campbell Brood.

"Some men girls aren't looking for anything logical, like money a nice attentive boyfriend. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men girls just want to watch the world burn."

Eve Campbell, who absolutely refuses to go by her first name Samantha because reasons, is the babiest of the Denver Campbells and younger than her siblings by a wide margin. Accustomed to being called an accident (among other things) she actually revels in her position as the family baby.

Active, enthusiastic, outgoing, playful, unpredictable, extroverted with boundless energy, Eve has always pushed the boundaries of socially acceptable behavior… with a twinkle in her eyes and a smirk on her lips. She has recently transferred to UCC in Calaveras as a freshman with a (not surprisingly) undecided major, and appears to be here because her parents want her to "live and learn from the responsible sister" Uma.

Well Eve will prove them wrong!




(2018-12-01) The Birds and Bees

Uma and Eve are unpacking as conversation leads to the birds and the bees.

(2018-11-30) Baby It's Cold Outside

A bunch of folk gather at the Java Junction to get out of the cold.

(2018-11-27) Challenge Accepted!

A duel is issued! Who will ultimately triumph in Call of Duty?

(2018-11-26) This here be thy Quest

First day of school at UCC, and Charlie makes a new friend in Eve.

(2018-11-22) A Campbell Thanksgiving

Eve and Uma have a Thanksgiving that is much smaller than what they're used to.

(2018-11-21) Scene at Maude's

Random folks meet at Maude's before Thanksgiving.

(2018-11-20) To be Young, and Restless

Some of the youngsters hit the skating rink for some fun.

(2018-11-20) A Day at the Youth Center

Stan spends the day at the Youth Center, and runs into Esme and Eve (unrelated).

(2018-11-19) Her Sister's Keeper

Eve arrives to live with her sister. Lord help them both.

(2018-11-19) Going out for Dinner

Dinner at Java Junction? Coffee for supper? Say it ain't so.
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