Judge Evan Watermann
Age: Age: 42
Occupation: Judge
Status: Single at the moment…
Played-By: Idris Elba

Rutgers educated and New York developed, the Judge has a very East Coast way about him - always well dressed, far more formal than traditional for most of the area. He's smart and clever and smarmy and sarcastic and has no problem with being viewed that way. He enjoys the playful banter and dialogue, and will often pick a debate simply for the sake of the conversation.

He is a Judge, currently in the Superior courts but expected that in the worlds he plays in that there's a chance he may head to the Federal bench or into politics. He's single with a bright future assuming nothing gets out about him, right?


RP Hooks:

Out and about - Sports, skiing, running, basketball - he can be found out enjoying the Colorado air.
University - He occasionally teaches a class or a seminar. Perhaps you've been part of one or would like to be?
Court Clerks - He should probably hire one or two for potential future lawyers.
Judge - He is the law (so to speak) - Feel free to hit him up on this as well!


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