Ethan William Grant
Age: Early 30s
Occupation: Owner of the Boardroom
Status: So engaged
Played-By: Ben Barnes
Misc: Drink, drink. This town is so great.

A good-looking guy in his early 30s, Ethan is the kinda guy that seems comfortably self-possessed: he knows he's attractive, and he's not hiding from it, but neither does he walk with the swagger of full-on arrogance. He stands right around 6'1" tall, lean but not skinny; there's obviously some kind of physical fitness regimen in his daily life, but he's more trim than muscular. Dark brown hair is fashionably trimmed, pushed back from his face, and he tends to sport a short beard (that lengthens to full-on scruffiness later in the day). Brown eyes, just starting to crease with crows-feet at the corners, a nice smile, slightly uneven eyebrows - his is a nice face, one that wears its imperfections well.


  • If you don't mind middling service and a slim selection of booze, come downtown to the Boardroom and get hammered. It's right downtown. NO WI-FI.
  • Local people probably know him, either from his family's ownership of the bar or from high school. (Drop me a line. I love coming up with "how we know each other" stuff.)
  • Serious photographer. For reals.
  • Does not carry a cell phone. Don't call him, don't text him, he's never going to answer you.


  • Angela - I am so fucking yours.
    • (ps that link may be nsfw)
  • Luke - I would follow you into Mount Doom any day of the week.
  • Abby - Luke thinks you're real pretty and smart, and I have a love note from Luke something to give you someday. Oh, and my bartender is also in loooooooove with you. (WTF, why you steal all my men's hearts?)
  • Elliot - We're family now, dude. Get used to it. And quit making fun of my dancing; it's awesome (just not quite as awesome as you are).
  • Katherine - File this one under 'shit I shoulda done differently.'
  • Vyv - Color me intrigued.
  • Xavier - This coulda been way more awkward. Respectful bro-fist.


(2018-12-31) New Year Luau

The Boardroom hosts a luau to ring in the New Year. Grass skirts and coconut bras abound!

(2018-12-26) Pineapple Rings

Luke and Ethan talk about chicks.

(2018-12-12) Early Christmas

Mostly Ethan, Luke, and Angela talk about Christmas stuff. Kate cameos.

(2018-12-05) How the mob stole Christmas.

Luke and Ethan spread Christmas cheer (i.e., tell Ginger about all the murders in town).

(2018-11-23) Karaoke Night

The Boardroom hosts its first ever karaoke night!

(2018-11-20) The Fellowship of the Ring

Three nerds and Angela try to marathon the LotR trilogy.

(2018-11-18) That one day when the coffee shop got all the RP.

The tone of this log is all over the place. tl;dr - coffee shop RP.

(2018-11-17) Having a (Tropical Evening Charity) Ball

Food, drink, Polynesian dancers, zoo animals, protesters, the return of Calvin Shay, and multiple furious exits. Anything for a good cause!

(2018-10-28) PEW PEW!! Laser Tag!

The gang gathers for the casual Girls -V- Boys laser tag!

(2018-10-20) Opening Night of the Calaveras Halloween Carnival

Nothing can ever just go right…
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