Age: 31
Occupation: Librarian
Status: Testing the Waters
Played-By: Blake Lively
Misc: Obsessed with the Occult

Alts: Katya, Misfit, Ginger



(2019-01-17) Netflix and Chatting

An overseas movie night!

(2019-01-16) Paris - Part 2

Museum shenanigans!

(2019-01-14) Paris - Part 1

What happens in Paris, stays in Paris.

(2019-01-09) Full House

Dinner, Dessert and a lot of talking.

(2019-01-04) The Author, The Librarian, The Doctor

Esme, Oliver, and Sam hit the coffee shop and talk about their jobs.

(2018-12-27) Complicated

That's just what it is.

(2018-12-23) Christmas at the Square

The townfolk (and visitors) gather to celebrate the holidays.

(2018-12-19) Dropping By

Esme drops by the B&B to chat with Kate.

(2018-12-12) Information Exchange

Nina arrives for tea and to provide polite advice.

(2018-12-03) Saved By The Kate

In which Esme pokes a sleeping bear and Kate arrives in the nick of time
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