Elliot Bell
Age: 28
Occupation: Professor of Psychology, UCC
Status: Dating Noah
Played-By: Jack Falahee
Misc: Downtown Resident

Elliot Bell grew up in Calaveras with his parents and a couple of siblings. His family was affluent, and coming from money, he never wanted for much of anything. He was afforded every opportunity and grew up with the sort of privilege that a trust-fund baby is accustomed to. As a child he was friendly and good-natured and did well in school. He enjoyed archery and fencing and solo sports as he was never much for team sports.

He graduated at eighteen and went on to the local university where he earned his Bachelor's by the time that he was twenty-two, and then his masters and Ph.D in psychology over the next six years. He began assistant teaching during his Master's program, and continued on with the University as an assistant professor before becoming a full professor upon the recent completion of his doctorate.

His parents constantly pressure him to fit into the mold that they've built for him, wanting him to settle down, open up a private practice, get married, have some kids, and fulfill the path that they've envisioned since he was a kid. There are plenty of secrets in the Bell family, rumors about a history of shady business deals, cousins who mysteriously moved out of town never to be heard from again, not to mention his grandmother's serial widowhood. Bastards, affairs, and the like are all part and parcel of the Bell family.

Right now, he finds himself somewhat aimless. He's achieved what he's set out to, and he has a career that he enjoys, and opportunities to pursue more, but he finds himself lacking motivation, drive, and purpose. Instead, he finds himself indulging in being social and entertainment that he'd denied himself during those years of hard study and work. Where he goes from here is anyone's guess.

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