Elizabeth Selene Rothschilde
Age: 25
Occupation: Police Officer
Status: Alive (and kicking)
Played-By: Margot Robbie
Misc: "The darkness holds monsters of our own making."

Attitude Problem/Bad Cop - Elizabeth had a rough childhood and it shows when she interacts with people. She genuinely cares about people sometimes, but she just is really bad at showing it. She does her job to the best of her ability, but doesn't find it necessary to always follow the rules to the letter. She isn't above throwing her weight around to get something done, and doesn't seem to be afraid of the consequences that come with the occasional bad decision.

Afraid of the Dark - Something happened to Elizabeth when she was younger that makes her very afraid of the dark. This fear got amplified recently by her being taken hostage by the cult that was in Calaveras.

Skittish - Recent experiences have left her nervous and a little wary of everyone around her. Approach with caution.



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