Elizabeth Selene Rothschilde
Age: 25
Occupation: Police Officer (On Leave)
Status: Single. Fuck off.
Played-By: Margot Robbie
Misc: "You have the right to remain silent, and clearly you haven't figured out that it's to your advantage if you do."

Attitude Problem - Elizabeth has a very large chip on her shoulder. She's not mean (you won't catch her kicking kittens or slapping babies), she grew up in a difficult situation and through the years she learned that showing her feelings was a weakness. So instead of flaunting her vulnerability, she has covered it with armor of snark, anger and hostile behaviour.

Always the Bad Cop - She's not on the take. She doesn't accept bribes. If there is a way to get the job done, she'll do it. She isn't gentle when handcuffing someone. She isn't going to bring ice water to someone being interrogated. She might threaten them though. She'll color in the lines, but she's more rough around the edges than her partner.

Afraid of the Dark - Another product of her upbringing.

Ha. Really?


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