Edgar Hayes
Age: Early 30s
Occupation: Author
Status: Dating Owen
Played-By: Thomas Dekker
Misc: Knox Stevens

Edgar grew up in New Jersey. He was the black sheep of an otherwise normal family, and by the time he was fourteen, he was running away, doing drugs, and staying out all night. Despite being super smart, he dropped out of school. He stopped showing up. That was okay, it gave him more time to sneak into NYC to party. He started writing when he was a teenager, mostly biographical stuff re: life on the streets.

When he was in his early twenties, he was sleeping on the streets in NYC, doing whatever he had to for money, and the guy he was seeing at the time OD'd on heroin Ed had given him. It was a wakeup call. Ed struggled to get clean. He still struggles with it, because even though he's off the hardest drugs (heroin, coke, meth), he still fights the urge, and sometimes he has a weak moment and succumbs. Pot, cigarettes, and alcohol are still vices he indulges in.

Through the rest of Edgar's twenties, he got his GED, a Bachelor's in English, and sold his first book. It was speculative fiction with a sci-fi slant, with scathing social commentary. He wrote it under the name Knox Stevens, and he immediately got a decent following.

Edgar has written a few more Knox Stevens books. After a bad breakup, living in NYC got stressful. There were too many temptations there to lapse back into using. It was past time for a fresh start, so he moved to Calaveras, Colorado. Weed is legal, no one knows him or his past, and it's quiet. It's just the reset on his life that he needs.

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