Donald 'Donnie' Callaghan
Age: 38 - February, 14th
Occupation: Farrier
Status: Single
Played-By: Daniel Sheehan
Misc: “Who Dares, Wins."

The 38 year old Farrier from Ireland is a curious case of a person who, like an onion, likely has an abundance of layers that many people will never get to experience though some of the more commonly uncovered facts of his history are that he spent a good deal of years with the British SAS as a medic and has been in a variety of countries, areas, situations, and scenarios that likely aren't experienced by the normal man. Despite all of this, it can likely be assumed his slight limp has something to do with why he's no longer serving in that official capacity. Prior to coming to Calaveras, he served as a mountain expeditionary guide throughout the rockies though for some reason chose not to continue that line of work and has instead taken up swinging a hammer and serving as a farrier with enough experience doing so that he likely has experience in it prior to arriving.

Serving the needs of horses and their owners everywhere, he's taken up in working with the major rodeo participants of Calevaras as well as serving the surrounding ranches on an on-call basis. Though primarily utilized for shoeing the horses, he also offers a wide range of grooming and maintenance services which allow him to bridge the gap between an expensive emergency veterinary visit and the basic farmland maintenance of animal health issues. In his off time he also partakes in general blacksmithing and bladesmithing and some of his knives are regarded as durable and coveted pieces of equipment by outdoor guides and survival experts alike.

"Coloradan by way of Texas, Texan by way of England, English by way of Ireland, and Irish by the grace of God"


Military (British) - Donnie is a former Sergeant in the 22nd Special Air Service, A4 Squadron as well as with the Special Projects Team where he served as a Medic in multiple tours and campaigns official and unofficial since '98 and has worked in multiple various Task Force operations and in support of NATO operations in the Middle East and Africa, it's not impossible that they've crossed path's or worked together.

Ireland / England - Growing up a boy in Ireland, it's not likely you'd ever heard of the tiny little town of Blackskull, but he's been all over the country as well as all over England during training and general social exploration while serving in her Majesty's Army. Maybe they crossed path's.

Mountaineering / Survivalist - If it's hard and challenging, Donnie is probably into it. He put his skills as a trained Mountaineering expert to use professionally for some years before realizing that working with the ultra rich who could afford it wasn't really his cup of tea.

Recruiting Target - Can you think of a use for a guy who clearly doesn't regard society's standards as enforceable, can plug, patch, stitch and sew a wound shut under duress, who has an exceptionally formidable military background and beats molten metal to bend to his will for fun? He's not opposed to finding his niche in life doing something else other than swinging a hammer.

royal Cool chick I met at the christmas tree farm on the outskirts of Calaveras. Quirky, a little weird, but nice.


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