Age: 31
Occupation: Totally Legitimate Security Contractor
Status: Divorced
Played-By: Sara Fabel

Born Daniela Athena Engel-Smith, Donna was raised in a small town in Indiana. While in college she lost her father in a freak car accident that sent the woman down a spiral. Drugs and violence became the order of the day and it would all culminate in Donna being accused of the murder of three young men.

Sentenced to the Indiana Women’s Prison, Donna was lucky a non-profit took her case and managed to file her for retrial, wherein she would be released. All charges dropped, Donna would leave Indiana. She would later resurface as a member of a motorcycle club, and although rumors surrounded their activities nothing was ever proven.

Now, she goes to Calaveras to work with her longtime contributor, a certain ambulance chaser who happens to need a lot of help, quite frequently.


- Enjoys the silence.

- Sunglasses indoors.

- Art history buff.

- Guns? Yes, please.

- Motorcycles and tattoos.


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