Devina "Devi" May Tyler
Age: 28
Occupation: Book Store Owner and Author
Status: Single
Played-By: Emily Bett Rickards
Misc: Misc

Devi and her father moved to town about four years ago so he could spend his last couple years with his family. After his passing she opened her book store and has been working on that store, getting it stable and profitable so she hasn't seen or experienced all that much of the city and it's surrounding area. She's an author as well, having written a best selling SciFi series and is rumored to be working on a new series.

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(2018-11-10) Wormholes or Teleportation?

Devi and Yazmin discuss the author's new work and the short story adaptation. There is also fancy cooking.

(2018-11-03) Saturday Night Reader

Victor drops in on 'A Likely Story'
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