Delilah Dixon
Age: 21 (Sept 12)
Occupation: University Student
Status: Dating
Played-By: Dove Cameron
Misc: Misc

Lila is the epitome of the 'spoiled little rich girl'. Or she was in high school. Now that she's graduated from Forest Park High and got a couple of years of college under her belt she's sort of move away from that image. Something is going on in her home life and she's sort of finding a rebel emerging beneath her normal outgoing demeanor.

Breaking the rules isn't something she would ever have thought to do in the past, but now she is there at all of the parties, drinking too much, smoking too much weed and edging perhaps a touch towards the harder stuff.

Majoring in early childhood education, she has her sights set on becoming a teacher. The past several years (since she turned 16) she has worked as a lifeguard both at the public pool and sometimes at the country club, the latter in which her family are members.




(2018-11-20) To be Young, and Restless

Some of the youngsters hit the skating rink for some fun.

(2018-11-18) That one day when the coffee shop got all the RP.

The tone of this log is all over the place. tl;dr - coffee shop RP.

(2018-10-18) Halloween Block Party!

The annual Saminaw Row block party gets interrupted by hooligans. ANARCHY!!!!!

(2018-10-04) The Sheriff Was Shot

A re-enactment at Cooperstown Living History Town went awry, the Sheriff was nearly fatally wounded

(2018-10-04) Keeping Appointments

Delilah goes to meet her doctor.

(2018-10-03) Chasing Tornadoes

Getting to know you..

(2018-09-03) Cowboy Dubstep

A rowdy night at Johnny Slim's ends in tragedy.

(2018-09-02) Bad Luck Brew

A night at the coffee shop ends in embarrassment, a date and a possible live in! Never boring!

(2018-09-01) Tailgating

Almost trouble, but not quite. Students meet before the first big game of the season.
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