Cole Colton
Age: 33
Occupation: Fire Chief
Status: Single
Played-By: Taylor Kinney
Misc: Misc

Originally from Denver, Cole has lived in Calaveras the past decade and worked himself up in the ranks so he's now Fire Chief since about a year.
He's considered a good chief by most of the men and women working with him and his leadership style is calm and thorough and kind without being a pushover; he sets his foot down when needed.

Demeanor wise he is almost always friendly, has a bit of a dark, laid back sense of humor without being sarcastic. He's usually calm and doesn't get riled up easily - but can explode into action of a reckless bent when things get dangerous in his line of work, near overprotective of his colleagues and happy to go first into any fire or other danger.

Additionally, he's known for being an avid SCA-member, despite the small presence of that organisation in Calaveras. On days off he goes to events across the states, and his few weeks of vacation are always spent in heavy armor on some field somewhere. He doesn't hide this at all and spends many evenings alone at home working on his clothes or armor. Or, crafting things in wood - he's picked up woodworking as another hobby, also inspired by the SCA. Additionally, he's got a pretty good knowledge about history, especially medieval history.


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(2018-09-15) Flood on Smelter Street

The wild September storm whips through Calaveras, causing flooding in the city. One street in particular gets hit hard and a car is trapped with a family inside. Helpers come to the rescue!


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