Claire Reed
Age: Mid-20s
Occupation: Journalist
Status: Yay!
Played-By: Holliday Grainger
Misc: "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." - Oscar Wilde

A regular snow-maiden with her pale skin, blonde hair, and cool gray eyes, Claire's prettiness is cold and fresh rather than warm and sumptuous. She's not a striking beauty, standing only 5'2" tall with a figure that's soft but not voluptuous, prone to plumpness but carefully monitored so that she stays slender rather than skinny. Honey-blonde hair is trimmed between her chin and shoulder-length, usually flat-ironed but prone to loose waves when left to its own devices. Those gray eyes of hers are large but tilted more than is ideal and fringed with pale blonde eyelashes. Her lips are well-shaped, but her teeth are imperfect, her top front teeth slightly gapped, so that her smile has character rather than flawlessness. Fair skin is prone to sunburn, with a sprinkling of light freckles across her cheeks and nose. The sum of these not-quite-perfect parts lend charm to her appearance, even if they aren't strictly beautiful in and of themselves.


  • OMG So Cheerful - Claire is made out of sunshine and rainbows and will be BFFs with just about anyone. If obnoxiously optimistic isn't your thing, steer wide. ;)
  • Documentary - She came to town as part of a documentary film crew in November 2018. The documentary was being headed by Michael Roberts, a filmmaker of some renown who had headed several other films for Netflix (won awards and stuff). In January 2019, the entire film was shelved unfinished when reports surfaced that Roberts may have been staging some of what was supposedly unscripted footage.
  • Journalist - After the documentary fell through, Claire got a job as a reporter for The New Era. She's still wet behind the ears, but feel free to throw stuff my way if you want them posted to the paper by a reporter.


  • Warren - And every morning since has been Christmas morning all over again.
  • Hunter - You got this, buddy.
  • Presley - Still feel real bad. :(
  • Sam - He just needs a little adventure in his life.
  • Layla - Maybe the aforementioned adventure that's needed? ;)
  • Katherine - Hope none of the balls she's juggling turn out to be chainsaws.


(2019-01-27) Naked Voices - Episode 2

Claire joins the three hosts.

(2019-01-26) Damn Fine Coffee

Saturday morning is a popular time to go get coffee.

(2019-01-22) If you can't find the one being hustled in the pool room, it's you.

Claire and Sam shoot some pool. Layla watches her man lose.

(2019-01-19) Is That The Going Rate?

Claire & Warren stalk August to Maude's Diner & conversation ensues.

(2019-01-13) Screen Test

Lots of people. Lots of opinions. Lights. Camera. Go.

(2019-01-08) The Pitch

Claire and Kate talk about Kate's show plans.

(2019-01-07) Buying Kindness

It's cold outside, so get coffee to get warm.

(2019-01-03) Nice to Meet You

People getting acquainted in the cafe.

(2018-12-27) Urban Cowpeople

No mechanical bulls were harmed during the making of this log.

(2018-12-26) Career Path

Hunter and Claire talk about job-things.
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