Claire Reed
Age: Mid-20s
Occupation: Production Assistant
Status: PC
Played-By: Holliday Grainger
Misc: "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." - Oscar Wilde

A regular snow-maiden with her pale skin, white-gold hair, and cool gray eyes, Claire's prettiness is cold and fresh rather than warm and sumptuous. She's not a striking beauty, standing only 5'2" tall with a figure that's soft but not voluptuous, prone to plumpness but carefully monitored so that she stays slender rather than skinny. Pale blonde hair falls in loose waves to the middle of her back, but it's often caught into a braid or ponytail, keeping it out of her face. Those gray eyes of hers are large but tilted more than is ideal and fringed with pale blonde eyelashes. Her lips are well-shaped, but her teeth are imperfect, her top front teeth slightly gapped, so that her smile has character rather than flawlessness. Fair skin is prone to sunburn, with a sprinkling of light freckles across her cheeks and nose. The sum of these not-quite-perfect parts lend charm to her appearance, even if they aren't strictly beautiful in and of themselves.


(2018-12-04) Untitled Michael Roberts Project

Claire pursues her agenda with Presley. Finn is distractingly pretty.

(2018-12-02) Just Breathe

Panic Attacks, Neurologists and chocolate.

(2018-12-01) Rodeo (Charity) Drive

The Starr Family and Jackfield Stadium host a charity concert and rodeo exhibition in aid of the local soup kitchen and homeless shelters. Calvin Shay performs with a surprise guest; bulls, broncos, and sheep get ridden; and Anthony makes quite an impression.

(2018-11-30) Three-C's

Strangers in strange meetings.

(2018-11-28) Talks and Tarts

There's various chatting in the B&B kitchen, and Vyv forces a tart on people. Katherine gets called away by a mysterious phone call!
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