Cynthia Junko Morita
Age: 28
Occupation: Nurse, part time paramedic
Status: Employed
Played-By: Arden Cho
Misc: Misc

Cynthia Junko Morita, born mixed Asian, to the point at least one of her grandparents were white, maybe one black, with the rest coming from Japan on her father's side and Korea on her mother's. Growing up she was relatively popular, took gymnastics, and a liking for Equestrian sports cause what girl doesn't like ponies. Though as she got older she tended to gravitate more to Rodeo. Much to her folks chagrin. Mostly if her trainers tended to be out and out snobs and CJ's family wasn't rich or white enough. The rednecks were surprisingly more welcoming.

College had to be worked through, luckily studying as a nurse meant she could make some extra money at the rodeos as a medic, cheaper than having an paramedic there the whole time. Jujst working to keep any injuries stable till they could arrive. Graduation meant while she was qualified as a nurse the lack of jobs in her area made employment hard to find till she got into paramedic work herself. Having to largely give up her time to make enough mondey to make ends meat. Nearing the end of her twenties now, an opening for a nurse at the hospital in Calaveras came about and she jumped on it, using her experience as a paramedic to get her foot in the door.

Her folks still wished she became a doctor though.



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