Cassidy Carr
Age: 26
Occupation: Personal Assistant
Status: Single
Played-By: Skyler Samuels
Misc: Blog: Confessions of a Calaveras Fashionista
Song: "A Beautiful Lie" - 30 Seconds to Mars

Who is Cassidy Carr? Well for starters, she's not Cassidy Carr. Carr is a made up fiction crafted by the US Marshal's Service when a superstar competitive gamer from Houston, Dixie "DixieChick" Randall, was placed into the Witness Protection Program. Dixie was part of a professional gaming team for "Team of Titans", an international online MOBA (Multiuser Online Battle Arena). The dark haired, dark-eyed girl was snapped up by Team Veritas when she was just 17, and made it from alternate to first stringer within 2 years. But there were problems. She was a spectacular player, and the only American female in the entire professional game. She was harassed, stalked, and threatened often, but nothing was too terrible until her team made it to the World Finals, a game worth five million dollars. The opposing Chinese team, funded by an organized crime group, hired someone to try and kill her to keep the Chinese Team on top.

The attempt failed, but DixieChick's career was over. The feds stepped in, because of the ties to international organized crime, and the Chinese team was disqualified, causing an uproar. The Chinese organization threatened to put an end to the girl that ended their reign at the top, and Dixie was put into WitSec. Her new identity was sent to college in Denver for a degree in Business Administration, and placed her in Calaveras upon graduation, setting her up to work in the secretarial pool of the city council. She's looking to move up into a personal assistant position for an individual as soon as possible. No one knows the blonde, blue-eyed girl used to be Dixie Randall, nor can they, for her own protection. Even her parents and siblings don't know where she is, just that she is safe.




(2019-01-26) Damn Fine Coffee

Saturday morning is a popular time to go get coffee.

(2018-12-26) Interview With the Flan Hire

Vyv interviews Wyatt for a kitchen position.

(2018-12-13) The Handler Arrives

Cassidy's handler from the US Marshals arrives to check on her.

(2018-12-03) Mindless Elf Indulgence

Xavier, Prisha, Cassidy, and Vyv run into each other at a snow sculpture contest downtown. But is it art?

(2018-12-01) Rodeo (Charity) Drive

The Starr Family and Jackfield Stadium host a charity concert and rodeo exhibition in aid of the local soup kitchen and homeless shelters. Calvin Shay performs with a surprise guest; bulls, broncos, and sheep get ridden; and Anthony makes quite an impression.

(2018-11-24) Hire Thought

Vyv invites Cassidy for lunch and a proposition (no, not that kind).

(2018-11-17) Having a (Tropical Evening Charity) Ball

Food, drink, Polynesian dancers, zoo animals, protesters, the return of Calvin Shay, and multiple furious exits. Anything for a good cause!


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