Caroline Ann McCoy
Age: 58
Occupation: Mayor of Calaveras
Status: Status
Played-By: Elisabeth Sladen
Misc: Misc

Caroline is the current mayor of Calaveras, having been the wife of a previous mayor. Frosty, and to-the-point, she strives to do all she can to keep her family in power.

Born Caroline Ann Murphy in Connecticut to an average white-collar family, Caroline was clearly a bit of a prodigy from an early age. Graduating Valedictorian at high school, she started to study Law in California State in the fall of '78.

While studying she met a certain Mr. McCoy who'd be mayor of Calaveras one day, and married him. Her life in Calaveras in the '80s, '90s, and 00's saw the prosecution of many drug lords… and the release of others, close to the McCoys.

As the Mayor's wife she put on a good public face, and offered no comment when her husband was involved in corruption and sex scandals. Reportedly she is estranged from the old Mayor McCoy but has kept the family name and the marriage intact for her own political career.

Elected Mayor one term after her family was briefly replaced by their rivals, she's been mayor for almost a couple years and is desperate to stay in power.

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(2018-11-24) A Night at Alibi

It's Saturday night! All kinds of things can happen.

(2018-11-04) The Interview

Heather interviews the mayor, Caroline McCoy, about the various crisis in the town.
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