Calvin Dean Shay
Age: 43 (July 28th, 1975)
Occupation: Musician and Business Owner
Status: Married, but not on paper
Played-By: Bradley Cooper
Misc: Calvin is just a local kid that became rock star.

If you were alive and listening to a radio in the late nineties into the early 2010s, you probably have heard Calvin Dean Shay's work somewhere, somehow. As a local son of Calaveras, he always got airplay here at home. He was one of identical twin boys, raised on the Starkweather ranch. His love of music came from his mother. She had big dreams once and passed on all she knew to Calvin. It was spending time inside with his often sick, diabetic brother, Charles Dexter Shay, known to most as Dex, that turned a hobby into a money making talent.

After high school, the young singer-songwriter moved to Austin, Texas to try and make it big. Dex, who had no intention of being left behind, took up the mantle of manager and together they skyrocketed to superstardom. Calvin was a unique and mature voice backed by bluesy mix of rock, country, and soul in the beginning. A different sound in the post-grunge era. Calvin was never chained to the genre though and managed to stay relevant for a long time by evolving his sound with the times. If he wasn't performing, he was writing and his songs were often sung by others. He won award after award in his peak and is just a Tony short from an EGOT.

After years of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, only one thing could stop him. That was the loss of his brother. Dex had developed Brittle Diabetes and complications took him too soon. After a messy tailspin that is documented all over the internet, he got clean and came back to Calaveras. Today, he's living a life far from the fame. He runs a music store, gives private lessons and generally tries to pretend that he isn't world famous.

Recently, his personal life has expanded by accident while he tries to recover his professional life on purpose. He has gone from a single man to a father…and father-to-be. And there is that whole comeback album.


  • Vic Grey - My Girl. Almost glad that my vasectomy was useless.
  • Willow Banks - Vic's girl friday. She's an infant but has a great heart.
  • Everett Franklin - Willow's man. He has a patience I do not.
  • Edgar Haynes - The second to last trip to rehab had me crossing paths with Edgar. I'm glad to see him doing good. And I'll be watching.
  • Kate Stone - We've lost but we can't let other define us by it. We won't.
  • Wren Blackmore - What in the hell am I supposed to do with you now? Be your dad until I earn the title.


(2019-02-28) I Do

Calvin Shay and Victoria Grey get married.

(2019-02-04) Reaching Out

Calvin treats the local first responders to dinner and meets a lost youth. Then tells all his business in an effort to help.

(2019-02-03) It's All About Love

Calvin emerges on Superbowl Sunday for the first time since going into heavy duty rehab on lockdown at the ranch. He has a surprise for Vic.

(2019-02-01) Ultimatums

Calvin is being a stubborn, well, Calvin. Vic is brought in to give him the hard truths.

(2019-01-28) Tantrums

Calvin manages to get his way with his celebrity tantrums, but it has some serious backlash from his mother and Vic.

(2019-01-27) Talking To Myself

Moved to a different room for an important set of tests, Calvin's coping skills hit a wall. Luckily, he receives visit from someone very special. A Vignette.

(2019-01-27) Stubborn Reality

Vic comes back to the hospital after being discharged to find Calvin being stubborn. They have a deep talk about the future and their options.

(2019-01-23) Unicorn Visiting Hours

Everett and Willow come to see Vic and Calvin and learn about their unexpected fetus count.

(2019-01-21) Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Vic and Calvin wake up in the hospital two days after they are shot by Calvin's ex. They get news of their conditions, both good and bad.

(2019-01-19) From Joy to Tragedy

Calvin and Vic get their families together to give them the good news about the upcoming wedding and rugrat. Calvin's ex-wife crashes the party with murderous intent.
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