Briony Bryceson
Age: 27
Occupation: Trauma Nurse
Status: Married To Mojitos
Played-By: Jillian Murray
Misc: S.O.B. - Nathaniel & The Night Sweats

Briony Bryceson isn't from around here, but her family is. Her mother grew up in the area but moved away at eighteen to the Big Apple to pursue a medical career, leaving behind her blue collar working family and never looking back. Unfortunately for Briony, unlike her mother she did look back, and what she found was an ailing grandfather that no one was helping him. Her mother died a year back and her father had been gone from more years than she could remember clearly anymore…

So Briony moved to Calaveras to take care of the only family she had left, a grandfather she only knew through infrequent phone calls, postcards, and the rare summer vacation.

She works as a Trauma Nurse at the local ER these days between taking care of her grandfather and trying to drink herself into an early grave.


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