Bianca Leslie Malice
Age: 27
Occupation: TV Reporter
Status: Bitchy
Played-By: Amber Heard
Misc: Likes: Scoops, MMA, her job, hard rock, fast cars
Dislikes: Her past, telling the truth, small dogs, people who dress animals

Biance Malice, born and raised in Denver. At one time she was the darling of the capital media, a reporter for a FOX affiliate. She cut her teeth on the simple stories, local festivals and homecoming parades. She had a promising, if unremarkable, career ahead of her.

Overnight, she became a sensation as she began reporting at crime scenes, disaster sites, uncovering corruption and always having up-to-the-minute intel on the State Legislature. Her anonymous sources were the envy of her colleagues, allowing her to swoop in and deliver stories most others hadn't even caught wind of yet.

She was on her way to stardom, one of the fastest rising stars in the capital, an anchor position lined up in New York.

But just as quickly as she rose, she fell. Bianca Malice vanished off the radar of reporting amidst scandal, blacklisted by most major media outlets. That was a year ago.

Now she's here, a place she describes as 'the ass-end of nowhere', reporting for a local station, back at the bottom. At least she's only a lot bitter.




(2018-11-16) Job Talk IV

What has Bianca been up to now?

(2018-10-29) Job Talk III

Bianca explains her 'arrest'…but she's not in trouble.

(2018-10-25) The Chavez Murders

Another day in Calaveras means another murder.

(2018-10-19) Job Talk II

Heather catches up with Bianca about what she's been up to.

(2018-10-11) Job Talk

Bianca meets her new boss and they discuss the importance of the job.
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