Benjamin Bell
Age: 30ish
Occupation: Tattoo Artist
Status: Single
Played-By: Tom Hardy
Misc: The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons. ― Fyodor Dostoevsky

Although he's not typically the tallest guy in a room at only 5'9", Ben's usually a hard one to overlook. For starters, he's stacked, with a heavy musculature that makes him seem a little bigger than he truly is. Then there are the tattoos, beginning at his collarbones and pushing right over his biceps, back, chest, and down his arms; they're not full sleeves (yet), but it's obvious that he's sporting ink most of the time, with the most visible being a stylized rosary - beads around his left wrist, cross laying over the back of his hand. Light brown hair is kept short, usually just a little length on top, which contrasts with the untidy beard - sometimes lengthened to an inch or two, sometimes shaved to a lengthy stubble. His blue-green eyes are pretty enough by themselves, and his nose looks like it was broken at some point in the past.

Ben dresses just like everyone else: a t-shirt (usually with some sort of logo or brand on it), jeans, and sneakers - Vans, Converse, something like that. When the weather's fair and he's in short-sleeves, the tats are impossible to overlook. When it cools down, he'll throw on a flannel, hoodie, or heavy jacket that makes it harder to notice all that ink.


(2018-10-25) You Never Stop at One

The new artist at the Mad Tatter has some serious skills, and reasonable prices!

(2018-10-24) Yuppies in Calaveras

Some newly-arrived yuppies hit up Slim's, one of them meets a local ranger. TattooBen makes a cameo.
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