Rosabella Aria Ashman aka Belle, Bella or Rose
Age: 30
Occupation: Bartender at Eternity
Status: Married to Lewin Walters
Played-By: Gina Cerano
Misc: "Even some well aimed blows to the head can't cure stupid."

Not Local - Rosabella isn't from around here. Her parents were pretty recent transplants to Calaveras when she went off to college. People might be familiar with the Ashman name from a news article published when her parents were found in the burning wreckage of the main house on their ranch. The barn was burned down as well, leaving only the shop standing on the property. She let the lawyers take care of the property until someone tried to make an aggressive move to purchase it. She showed up in town to take care of that, moving back on the property while she did.

Vigilante - She works on whatever side of the law is to her advantage. There are people out there who might need a firm kick to the ass, and she's got new boots.

Polyglot - Belle is a bit of a bookworm and she picks up new languages without much effort. She worked as a translator for a few businesses, the work taking her to different parts of the world while she studied.

Kickboxer - She took Judo when she was a child, but as an adult she's got into kickboxing. While she might prefer to deal with an issue with a firearm (or even a small bomb), it isn't recommended to get into close quarters combat with her.


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