Rebecca 'Becca' Reynolds
Age: 27 (July 19)
Occupation: City Council Member
Status: Delightfully Single
Played-By: Helena Mattsson
Misc: Local, wealthy, daughter of the Reynolds (from Reynolds Ranch)

A local, Becca Reynolds, daughter of a ranching family (Samuel and Danielle Reynolds) was a bit of a wild child her entire life. In grade school, she got in trouble for climbing on the outside of the playground equipment and jumping off and for encouraging her buddies to do it too. In middle school, she went out drag racing in her fathers farm truck against others a few years older than her. In high school she took up race car driving and BASE Jumping.

While her family was wealthy already, as wealthy as ranchers can be, her grandmother on her mothers side was a famous actress before her retirement, and she kept her grandkids well with trust funds and all the fun stuff. College had been the only requirement for the money.

It was far more than she'd ever need and she'd invested well.. but even still, she'd won the lucky numbers of the lottery and won several more million. She was set for life. She drove the best cars, lived in a nice house out at the base of the mountain and near the lake, had a cushy job, and she lived on the edge. Racing cars, jumping from airplanes, skydiving. You name it, she's likely tried it. She loves exploring the caves and tunnels at the lake, and the mines at Cooperstown. And traveling, when she can get away.

While she does serve on the City Council, she plays a lot, somewhat well known in the community for more than her position on the Council. Just from her adrenaline driven past and present. Almost everyone who knows her well tells her to slow down or she's going to get hurt, but she looks to have no problem keeping on, keeping on what she is doing.




(2018-11-30) Baby It's Cold Outside

A bunch of folk gather at the Java Junction to get out of the cold.

(2018-11-04) Shock Factor

After the apps mess up at Java Junction, Kate and some followers go to the B&B for dinner.

(2018-09-17) Feeling Nothing At All

First Introduction.

(2018-09-14) Friendly Wager

With a race coming up, a wager is made in the pits. (Intro scene!)
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