Age: 22
Occupation: Proprietor:
Baby's Buds
IG Model
Status: Single
Played-By: Eliza Kayudina
Misc: Shy ≠ Bitch

Baby isn't exactly new to Calaveras, though few may remember when she first visited. A few years before she moved to the little town in Colorado, she and her family visited during their winter vacation. She liked it so much she stayed for weeks after her family had intended to move on. There was just something special about Calaveras that appealed to Baby, and that's why she's returned — this time, she intends on staying.

Playing in Baby's earbuds:


Born to two Russian immigrants — her father, a rather successful businessman, and her mother, a retired model and upscale jewelry artisan — Baby was raised in California with the best of everything…except that she was kind of kept in a gilded cage. She graduated high school and took some business courses before she moved to Calaveras.


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