August Lexington
August "Auggie" Lexington
Age: 28
Occupation: Artist
Status: Always checking the ceiling for spiders.
Played-By: Ryan Ashley
Misc: Guesting at The Mad Tatter

August "Auggie" Lexington is a tattoo artist filling a guest chair at The Mad Tatter out in Willow Heights. She's just off a stint at a little shop in Jacksonville, Florida, but most well known for a few years at a popular Brooklyn shop, Emergency Ink. She's done a lot of conventions recently, and her work is all over Instagram. She's most well known for American traditional, but has taken an interest in black & grey realism in the last few years, known to tattoo everyone from coiffed hipsters to the most salty bikers. Word is she runs a side business airbrushing custom paint on hot rods & bike tanks alike, leading to a following among racers & riders. Her father, "Lex," a Jacksonville native, ran a custom body shop in Florida until his death this year. She inherited his equipment and customers from the infamous artist, and has dragged at least his custom airbrush kits and stencils to the chilly climes of Colorado. Who knows who'll seek her out next.

She's pretty hard to miss, given the amount of ink she wears & the stiletto heels she sports. Oh, and she's often seen in the company of bikers.




(2018-11-26) The A-Team.... and Lonnie

Alex goes to see August, ends up meeting Anthony and reuniting with Lonnie.

(2018-11-24) How to Buff a Bumper

Alex goes to check out the Mad Hatter, runs into it's resident Wise-Ass
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