Audrey Keogh
Age: 20
Occupation: Calaveras Police Department - Probationary Officer
Status: Alive?
Played-By: Zoey Deutch
Misc: Misc


  • The Keoghs - The Keogh boys have a long history of criminal activity in town. Most of it petty. John Keogh, the elder Keogh, ran a bookmaking and illegal card game ring for which he is currently serving a 10 year federal sentence in New Hampshire. John's wife, Janie, disappeared years ago. The rumors on that score run the gamut from drug problems to being at the bottom of a nearby lake due to a gambling debt.
  • The Other Keogh - Audrey is the only Keogh who seems to have gone straight. Not everyone in town thinks it's true or that it'll last with perhaps good reason.
  • You're a Cawp? You? Seriously? - Audrey grew up in 2 bedroom trailer in Ash Park with too many siblings. Those who knew her growing up would have placed her future - at best - in a hair salon or on the pole.
  • Party Girl, Reformed - Time was, Audrey was the queen of keg stand. She's trying this whole 'let's behave ourselves sometimes' philosophy. So far, so good?

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