Ashlea Anderson
Age: 25
Occupation: Detective, CPD
Status: Unclear
Played-By: Katheryn Winnick
Misc: Misc

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(2018-09-15) Flood on Smelter Street

The wild September storm whips through Calaveras, causing flooding in the city. One street in particular gets hit hard and a car is trapped with a family inside. Helpers come to the rescue!

(2018-09-14) Bird With a View

A few locals and new residents alike gather in Java Junction

(2018-09-12) Seeing Red pt. 1

Franklin and Ashlea investigate a loose end related to the shooting.

(2018-09-04) Racing Heats

At the racetrack, Joseph warms up for the pending race.

(2018-09-04) Questioning the Witness

After the shooting, the witness must be questioned.

(2018-09-03) Bonding Over Laundry

While doing laundry, Katherine and Ashlea strike up a conversation and a quick friendship forms.

(2018-08-30) Developmental Meeting

Danny reports in to Chief Augustus on Professional Mentoring for a local high school student, the meeting progresses with Detective Ashlea

(2018-08-29) Victoria's Secret

Cop Talk
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