Arturo Munoz
Age: 34
Occupation: Paramedic
Status: Making Do.
Played-By: Wilmer Valderrama
Misc: Misc

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(2018-10-23) Driving Mr. Winstanley

Arturo brings a resident back to Rosewood following an intensive checkup at the hospital; Genevieve gets him caffeinated. (The EMT, not the resident~)

(2018-10-21) No Pressure!

This ain't your typical stint of grocery shopping.

(2018-10-17) Death Walks the Streets

Arturo and his paramedic partner encounter death itself - at least that's what she seems to call herself.

(2018-10-16) Coffee, Tea, Bad Feelings

People come together at Java Junction to chat, argue and just drink some gosh darn coffee.
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