Anthony 'Tony' Malone
Age: 42 - April, 7th
Occupation: Investor
Status: Single
Played-By: Jon Hamm
Misc: “There’s no such thing as good money or bad money. There’s just money."

Anthony, or Tony Malone as he tends to refer to himself, is a far cry from being a local. Someone with a keen ear might be able to pin him as being from New York - There isn't a whole lot available about Mr. Malone to the public eye other than he worked as a financial advisor for awhile in upstate New York, which isn't that surprising given the nature of that business and the reserved vagueness which he tends to answer questions. Having recently arrived in town he's made it known that he's looking to purchase some property out toward Oak Ridge and particularly something where he can get off the main road and not be heard from for a little while.

What is apparent about Mr. Malone, is that he certainly comes with a significant financial backing, and seems to talk about buying a house in Oak Ridge like some people would picking up a loaf of bread from the supermarket. But that's probably a good thing, coming from a man who seems interested in potentially dumping some serious cash into a sound business opportunity or two, if he can find them.

Criminals? Well..they know the type, they can just tell. This is a guy who's been around the block a time or two and likely wouldn't so much as flinch at the sight of some iron in his face. He hasn't made it public or obvious, and he might come across as nice and friendly to everyone else, but something is off about this guy and it's not really clear as to what.


New York - It's no secret that Tony is from New York, from the way he talks to the way he acts, he's a native through and through. As a mover and a shaker from the big apple, there's a good chance that if you've been in New York, especially in connection with any questionable activities that you may know of, or have met Tony at some point.

Investments - Tony is always looking for something, or someone, that needs money and stands to turn a profit with a bit of TLC and seems to look at every place, person and piece of work like an art connoisseur does a gallery of paintings looking for their next prized piece.

Oak Ridge - It's no secret that Tony's looking to purchase some property out in Oak Ridge and is definitely looking something a bit more on the reserved side and off the beaten path.

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(2018-12-06) Sarah Comes Home

Sarah returns home from hiding out, and she's got something to say.

(2018-12-03) The Mask Comes Off

Kate and Tony have an honest discussion over scotch.

(2018-12-03) Saved By The Kate

In which Esme pokes a sleeping bear and Kate arrives in the nick of time

(2018-12-03) Godzilla! Run!

Franklin arrives for a brief interlude during dinner.

(2018-12-02) Hello, Young Lovers

Vyv runs into Edgar and Owen at The Bone Yard, where there's a lot more focus on stalkers than strippers. And then, an Anthony arrives.

(2018-12-02) Beef and Broccoli

Chinese food and conversation. Everyone wants to see Katherine mad… though maybe not right now.

(2018-12-01) Sparks and Cigarettes

Some Mature Content. All that flirting and teasing had to culminate eventually, right?

(2018-12-01) Rodeo (Charity) Drive

The Starr Family and Jackfield Stadium host a charity concert and rodeo exhibition in aid of the local soup kitchen and homeless shelters. Calvin Shay performs with a surprise guest; bulls, broncos, and sheep get ridden; and Anthony makes quite an impression.

(2018-11-29) Bruises - Part Two

Part two of very long log. Still strapped in?

(2018-11-29) Bruises - Part One

Part one of a long log, strap in people.
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