Anthony 'Tony' Malone
Age: 42 (4/7)
Occupation: Investor / Hotelier
Status: Entrapped
Played-By: Jon Hamm
Misc: La Casa Cielo

Anthony, or as he is commonly referred to, Tony, has been in Calaveras for a little while now and has been through a small handful of adjustments to the newfound small town life. Originally from upstate New York, a quick Google search would yield that one Anthony Malone is the sitting Chief Financial Officer of the Investment Opportunities Unlimited financial planning group which is a quite well-off financial investment organization. Further investigation would also yield that Anthony's name is also on the original incorporation documentation and rumors would elude to him assuming the CFO title simply to not be affiliated as the CEO, despite having a controlling interest in the company.

Despite a larger than life demeanor and more often than not a 'larger than a standard yearly paycheck' level of tailored clothing, when spoken to for longer than a few moments, it's clear that while he possesses large sums of money he likely didn't come from it. His manner of speaking has improved from a brutishly heavy-handed sort of New York slur to a much more tolerable and intelligible manner of speech since moving to Calaveras, which he remarks having done for 'Retirement like living and the enjoyment of living in a place with who's entire population would traditionally be crammed into a square mile of NYC' though it anyone who knows him, knows it has taken a bit of an adjustment.

Recently opened La Casa Cielo Hotel & Lounge and is now the owner and operator of the nicest place to stay outside of purchasing your own little slice of heaven. His entire arrangement of dealings surrounding the purchase of the property were very hush-hush and it wasn't revealed he was the controlling investor until a day or two prior to its unveiling. Whatever kind of pull he has, it's certainly of the influential variety.





Wants to date Vyv, but married to Katya… dresses like a stripper. Whatever man, it's 2019, you do you, pretty boy.


An old acquaintance from New York. We had our differences, but we seem to have worked past them. Apparently she tied the knot in Vegas. Good luck making sense of that one.


He's not going to win any awards for best dressed, best looks, or smartest guy in the room, but once he's got your back he seems like the kind of guy who'd stand by it. Just gotta' get him on the team.


Pandora's box called, it wants its crazy back. Fucking Mexicans.


We'll likely never be best friends, but I don't want to gouge his eyes out everytime I see him. That's progress. Seems solid when necessary.


(2019-02-26) Five in the Morning At Maude's

Early morning or late night depends which side of the day you're approaching from, but either way a diner works.

(2019-02-24) Holdup at the Junction

Some jerks with guns try to cause trouble in the wrong coffee shop.

(2019-01-27) Naked Voices - Episode 2

Claire joins the three hosts.

(2019-01-27) Horse Stuffie

No plushie horse heads were harmed in the making of this log.

(2019-01-25) Sticky and Sweet

I can't even, too much going on.

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