Dr. Anne-Marie Monica Anderson, M.D.
Age: 31
Occupation: ER Doctor
Status: Married, With Children
Played-By: Megan Fox
Misc: Likes: Doctoring, Excellent Bedside Manners, Demonology, Bigfoot, People Who Believe Bigfoot Is Real
Dislikes: Rudeness, Malpractice, Mondays, People Who Don't Believe In Bigfoot

Anne-Marie (aka The Annie Bananie) Anderson was born and raised in Calaveras. Her father was a lawyer, her mother a housewife. She doesn't have a sad and tragic backstory, and her early childhood was quite typical for the medium-sized town suburbs. She played with other children, got older, dated boys, etc. Very typical, very average.

It was that boredom that led to her and her friends worshipping Baphomet in their teen years. And later Satan, Ba'al, and various other demons as they did their best to become dark Edgelords with no other ways to act out. She couldn't turn to a life of crime, after all. Her mother would have beaten her senseless!

Most of the other kids grew out of this by the time they went off to college, Annie remaind fascinated. She slowly expanded her curiousity during her pre-med years from Demonology to Cryptozoology and other such fanciful things. She never sacrificed anyone on an altar, but every now and then would practice some strange and esoteric ritual.

Never got any superpowers, sadly. Still, the fascination stuck with her, even if it fell by the way side by the time she entered Med School. There was simply no longer enough time for her hobbies if she wanted to pass her crushing exams. After med school came her residency, which she was granted in Calaveras. She once again picked up her strange hobby, in secret.

Having completed her residency, the now-married Dr. Anderson is an ER Doctor at the very place she was a resident, the Powell-Braxton Medical Center. Almost nobody suspects the mother of two, doctor in good standing, pillar-of-the-community Anne-Marie also spends her time reading up on the strange and occult.

But everyone needs a hobby.



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